Very cool. 😎

Docs Builder

A tool built with NodeJS that builds one or many markdown docs into PDFs.

Docs-builder github page.

Source | Demo
Asteriods13k (js13k 2021)

A game that I made for the js13k game jam

Asteriods game made with Javascript.

Source | Demo
React Gists

A simple React webapp that showcases Reactjs code snippets that are cool and/or useful.

React Gists project screenshot of main screen.

Source | Demo
Discord Bot

A Discord server bot made with NodeJS and DiscordJS. It currently has some basic commands, more on the way. Coming soon: audio controls, image searching, fetching news articles.

Discord bot source code screenshot.

Source | Demo
VSCode Theme

A dark theme for VSCode and VSCodium.

Screenshot of vscode theme.

Source | Demo
Resume Site

My official resume, hosted on Github pages.

Screenshot of my resume site.

Source | Demo