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blog #10 - great new features on the site!

I decided to revamp the home page, combining the portfolio page and my rendition of
a (very minimal :) ) Linkedin profile. I also added some simple loading indication to
the /blogs page to show when a blog is being loaded. The site is really looking good,
I think the next thing to work on is mobile support. It was a productive Sunday afternoon!

Also some great news - I GOT A NEW JOB! I've been at Seneca Resouces for a week now, liking
it so far; I moved from Brafdord to Pittsburgh for the job. I thought I might miss the
all-remote work but honestly I have enojoyed being back to normal this week. The only
downside is the price of gas, I suppose, since its about $4.40/gal currently!

Ok thats all for now, I'll have some more updates soon - I have a few neat project
ideas that I might post about.