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blog #7 | m3o

I made a quick NodeJS app to check out the endpoints offered by Micro (m3o).
I really like endpoints offered currently, I could see many of them being used in app development to save time
on potentially annoying tasks like getting a weather forecast, or checking the sentiment of given text.

micro's homepage

After installing the npm package, its literally this easy to use:

client.call('helloworld', 'Call', {
"name": "Alex"
.then(response => {

No need to use fetch or axios (you can, but why not just install another npm package lol), which is cool.

The test repo I was using only demo's the npm package, so I can't speak to how well it works outside of NodeJS. I may
do some more messing around with C# or something in the future, I mean most of the endpoints are free to try so why not? 🙂